We say THANK YOU to our powerful partner:

Plant for the planet – the Good Chocolate

The Good Chocolate

Enjoy chocolate with pleasure and do something good at the same time?!

It is possible with the Good Chocolate! It’s not just unbelievable delicious, but every little piece contributes to the good cause!

We in the SI-SUITES were looking for a special goodie for our guests and we were excited to find this chocolate, because climate protection is near and dear to our hearts.

The idea stems from a nine year old in 2007, who found the youth initiative Plant-for-the-planet, after giving a presentation on the climate crisis. This resulted in the terrific Project “The Good Chocolate“.

Merchants and producers forego their profits, which is reinvested into climate-neutral production, reforestation, education for children, fair pay and climate-friendly logistics. One tree is planted for every 5 sold bars of the chocolate. As a result over 4 million trees have been planted in Mexico – if that’s not a good reason to eat more chocolate!

The leading German consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest has confirmed to the children, that the chocolate is delicious, too: in November 2018 the Good Chocolate came out on top in a test of 25 milk cholates.

Just have a look at our shop at the front desk and treat yourself to something GOOD!