I have been a guest at the SI-SUITES for over ten years…going into my eleventh! The hotel is in a great area and a short one-minute walk to the train and has great restaurants in walking distance.  The beauty of this is how safe it also feels if walking alone or in a group setting. This is my home base away from our own Country.  It is so nice to have a place of familiarity to retreat to in the evenings and when not working. The staff and facilities are top notch.  We certainly have the opportunity to go with a larger hotel chain…but why would we?  We have all that we need here at the SI-SUITES and more.Myself and my colleagues have erratic schedules and may change at a moment’s notice.  The hotel has always been more than accommodating with our changes…or at the very least try their very best to accommodate us.  But, most importantly…they are kind when we do have changes. We are very, very thankful for their STAFF first and foremost,…and secondly for the clean, and modern rooms. The bartenders make amazing drinks and know you by name if you are here more than once or twice.  Even the housekeeping staff are more than welcoming when they see you. The breakfast staff have always been a highlight early in the mornings with a warm and jovial hello…and hug…pre – Covid. I will never stay at another hotel. WE appreciate the entire hotel staff and management!