Dogs in the SI-SUITES
Dogs in the SI-SUITES
SI-Centrum Stuttgart by night
SI-Centrum Stuttgart by night

Dogs in the SI-SUITES

In the SI-SUITES dogs are welcome. For those, our specially -equipped hotel rooms are available. We therefore kindly ask you, in case you want to bring your dog with you, to make an inquiry in advance.

Equipment for your dog

• Dog blanket
• Small towel
• Bowl and welcome treats
• Dirt Bags

On four paws through the hotel

Accompanied and on a leash your dog may move inside the hotel. The park that expands directly next to the hotel invites two- and four -legged friends for long walks and jogging tours. A flashlight for night walks is available on loan at the front desk.

Fee per dog/night      15,00€

Leash obligations - Rules / regulations / laws in Baden-Württemberg

Generally, in Baden-Württemberg leash is not compulsory; however, the following points should be taken into account:

GefHu: Attack Dogs Regulation
Hunting Act: National Hunting Act § 40 para 2 sentence. 6
Forest: State Forest Law § 83 para 2 sentence. 8