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Donation to the Stuttgart association of ambulant help

Our company’s philosophy is shown not only from our economic efficiency and sustainability, but also through our social and public aspects. Those areas are concerned not just with the equal treatment of our employees and colleagues but also with our contribution and responsibility towards the society. So besides providing for the workshop of the blind here in Stuttgart we also support the Stuttgart association of ambulant help.

The ambulant help of Stuttgart is a non-profit association that helps people, who ended up homeless or for any reason are afraid to return home and became socially excluded. In case of an emergency, social difficulties or home loss this association serves fast and unbureaucratic. Since 1977 people who seek help are sent to several institutions where they receive advice and care.

One of these institutions is the hotel for the homeless. Here is where homeless peo-ple are sheltered in case of an emergency. The hotel can accommodate 33 guests. The ambulant help of Stuttgart as an operator provides humane living conditions that stand out due to the furnishing quality, the kitchen in every floor, the professional cleaning services and the janitor’s aid.

In order for the association to carry out providing such an extent of help, it needs support through donations. For this reason, we as hotel feel it in our heart to care for another hotel which accordingly serves people in need. We really hope that by donating 50 duvets we also donate some warmth to the guests of the shelter. We are looking forward to a future cooperation with this association and hope to always be able to help people in need.

Our hotel manager, Thomas Behrendt , hands the duvets to Mr. Rüssmann