hygiene concept of the SI-SUITES

For YOU - For ME - For US

-Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people.

-Wear mouth and nose protection in all public areas, in restaurants and wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained.

-Sneeze and cough into a handkerchief or into your elbow.

-Avoid shaking hands.

-Keep your hands away from your face.

-Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap and then disinfect them.

-If you feel any signs of illness (cough, fever, etc.), consult a doctor and inform the hotel management.

We have digitized our arrival process in order to keep contact as low as possible.

-3 days before arrival you will receive an email with all the information you need for the digital check-in.

-Fill out the registration form digitally and also sign it digitally.

-Payment is also made contactless before arrival. You will receive an email with a payment link.

-On the day of arrival you will receive a pin code for a key safe. Your room card is in the key safe. Both the room cards and the key safes are disinfected after each use.

-Please keep your distance and wear mouth and nose protection in all public areas and in the restaurant.

-Transparent partition walls were installed at the reception for protection.

-Use the “contactless” dispensers and dispensers with elbow buttons in the various areas of the hotel.

-For regular hand washing, we offer individual small towels on a washstand in front of the public toilets to dry your hands. The sink can be used without using a door handle.

-The number of people using the lifts is limited to a maximum of two.

-Guests arriving from a risk area need a negative Covid-19 test and / or have to go into quarantine. Hotel staff will not enter the room during the quarantine. These guests receive breakfast at the room door.

-There are markings on the floor at reception and in the restaurant to ensure that the distance is maintained.

-In the rooms you will find mouth and nose masks and disinfectant wipes.

-Room cleaning takes place from a minimum length of stay of 3 nights.

-The following areas are also disinfected each time the room is cleaned: all door and window handles; all light switches; all surfaces; all devices such as telephone, remote control, etc.

-The windows are open while the room is being cleaned.

-When cleaning the room, the employee wears appropriate mouth and nose protection and disposable gloves.

-Please leave the room during the room cleaning.

-All non-essential flyers, pads and pens have been removed from the room. Remaining flyers are removed and recycled after each departure. If you need writing utensils, send us a message via our Guest Service App Code2Order.

-We have set up a disinfection station at the transition to the restaurant. This is to be used before entering.

-Mouth and nose protection must be worn when entering the restaurant and when moving around the restaurant.

-Please use the disposable gloves to help yourself at the buffet.

-Please only sit at tables that do not have a note.

-The tables are disinfected after each use.

We have digitized our departure process in order to keep contact as low as possible.

-You will receive an information invoice 3 days before departure.

-After your approval you will receive an email with a payment link.

-Leave the key card in your room on the day of departure or put it in the mailbox provided in front of the reception. The room cards are disinfected after each use.

-After your departure we will send you the invoice by email.