The SI-Centrum Event Center the Stuttgart area

Event center Stuttgart –

Right in the SI-Centrum

The SI-Centrum is our very favorite neighbor. Right next door, the event center offers everything to make your short trip perfect. Besides the musical venues and the SchwabenQuellen Spa, there is also the Spielbank Stuttgart casino and the CinemaxX movie theater as well as several great restaurants, bars and cafes. The SI-Centrum is one of the most visited points of interest in Stuttgart and it has much to offer. The SI-SUITES hotel is located directly in the event center in Stuttgart and it’s the perfect place to stay and start your experience. Begin your day with us at the SI-Centrum and explore all the sights in Stuttgart, for example with the Hop on Hop off Bus.

Hidden gems

Currywurst Pommes Schale

Jonas recommends::


Best Currywurst in town!

Schallplatte Schallplattenspieler

Anna recommends:

“Second Hand Records”

Looking for the perfect beat!

Pommes Ketchup

Steffi recommends:

“Udo Snack”

40 years of red and white fries!

Frau Shopping Tüten Sonnenbrille

Anja recommends:


Shop the style!

Maultaschen Zwiebeln Teller

Andy recommends:



Frau Tattoo Beauty

Nora recommends: