Stuttgart – the birth place of Porsche and Mercedes Benz

We love Maultaschen, Stäffele and our Kehrwoche

The Swabia metropolis is always worth a trip. You could start your discovery tour on the TV tower Stuttgart. Where can I find what sight? What direction is my hotel, the SI-SUITES? The new 360° TV tower app with augmented reality will give you a interactive panorama view of the Stuttgart area. How about a visit to the Stuttgart zoo Wilhelmina? Enjoy watching many animals from monkeys to zebras. The Wilhelmina is the only zoo with a botanical garden in Germany and with the historical park it is the only one in the world. Stuttgart as city of cars offers the Porsche museum, which presents the history of automobiles and the fascination of Porsche. Do you prefer stars? Go time traveling in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart and ride the elevator 111 feet up into the year 1886. This is when the myth of the groundbreaking invention by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz: the automobile. Hardly any other invention has shaped humanity like this until today. Ssssh… the Mercedes Benz Arena Stuttgart  is home to the VfB Stuttgart soccer club and neighbor to the Canstatter Wasen. New outfit needed? Visit Baden-Württemberg’s largest mall – the Milaneo – right in the heart of Stuttgart. Visit 200 stores, services and restaurants on 8.4 acres, many are new and unique.

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